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See how image analysis by Visiopharm is being used in groundbreaking cancer research

Over the past decade, digital image analysis software has increased the degree of automation in tissue-based cancer research. The accuracy and knowledge derived from these powerful software tools, lead to efficient and empowered decision-making and research breakthroughs.

In this compendium we highlight 10 scientific cancer research posters that illustrate how digital image analysis tools have been leveraged in influential cancer research.

The research featured in this poster compendium has been presented at conferences and was conducted with the use of Visiopharm image analysis solutions.

These posters demonstrate:

  • Current research studies using digital image analysis
  • Results generated using a selected range of available image analysis cancer APPs developed by Visiopharm.
  • Novel cancer research areas in which automated quantitative biomarker assessment have been applied

With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning technologies in histopathology, digital image analysis in research unlocks virtually limitless possibilities.

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Video of the PD-L1 poster results with image analysis in melanomas.

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