Improving Diagnostic Workflows with AI: Lymph Node Metastasis Detection in Breast and Colorectal Cancer

Introducing the First Multi-Indication AI-Assisted CE-IVD APP - Lymph Node Metastasis


About the webinar

Analyzing slides for lymph node metastasis detection is tedious and time-consuming. What if you could automate your workload without sacrificing accuracy?

In this webinar Dr. Stine Harder and Dzenita Omanovic will introduce the first multi-indication AI-assisted, CE-IVD Metastasis Detection APP. Using data from two studies which compare the standard practice of assessing metastasis-status in lymph nodes by manual scoring with an AI-based image analysis approach for breast and colon carcinoma, they will showcase how this APP performs in a clinical setting.

Find out how you can use this APP to efficiently order, identify, and assess metastasis in lymph nodes.

What you will learn in this webinar

How to improve your detection sensitivity of metastatic regions compared to current standards

How to save time with automated slide sorting to select the slides you want to review first

How to easily integrate this APP into your diagnostic workflow

Meet the Hosts

Stine Harder, PhD

Head of Clinical Product Management

Stine's passion is image analysis and she continued her research during a 2-year postdoc tenure. She has a Ph.D. in Image Analysis from the Technical University of Denmark. In her current position, Stine oversees the complete lifecycle of Visiopharm’s clinical products