Cancer tissue analysis – a practical approach using deep learning



About the webinar

Have you been wondering how to get started with digital tissue analysis?

Visiopharm software utilizes an APP based structure, which means that you have all the flexibility you need to design, adapt, and run analyses on your tissue samples.

Using the example of automated detection of proliferative hot-spots within tumor regions, Jeni Caldara will walk you through how set up and adapt a sequence of AI-based APPs that utilize deep learning.

Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated all products are Research Use Only, not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Discover the powerful toolbox available from Visiopharm

Learn how to build an APP workflow tailored to your research

Implement deep learning to detect biomarkers easily and accurately

Use metric-based analysis to produce quantitative and robust results

Meet the hosts

Jeni Caldara

Professional Services Specialist

Jeni's primary responsibilities include on-site and online training for new and existing customers, as well as helping them to become proficient with complex and creative APP development to derive contextual endpoints.

Branden Hopkinson

Jr. Product Marketing Manager

Branden Hopkinson has a PhD in Cellular and Genetic Medicine from the University of Copenhagen as well as a background in human embryonic stem cells and identification of cell origin fo the various types of breast cancer. He also has extensive experience in the exploration of biomarkers for cell identification and diagnostic purposes. Branden has recently joined Visiopharm as a member of Product Marketing.