Tips and tricks to increase your APP performance 

In this webinar, Michael Persch will discuss APP Efficiency and Accuracy. There exist a vast number of adjustable parameters in VIS and each can have a considerable impact on the APP's performance and execution speed.

Understanding when to utilize certain APP parameters and how to optimally adjust them will enable you to tune your APP to run most effectively.   

Learn about some of the parameters that directly affect APP execution: 

  • Features and filters 
  • Post processing steps 
  • Polygon complexity       

Join us for this webinar to explore the factors that affect accuracy and processing time of an APP and which parameters to address to strike a balance that is suitable for your analysis. 

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Meet your speaker

Michael Persch
Professional Services Specialist 

Michael Persch is a Professional Services Specialists based in our Westminster, CO office. He graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder with a Chemical and Biological Engineering degree.  

Michael came to Visiopharm with over 3 years of image analysis experience and has been with us since September 2018. Michael’s primary responsibilities include on-site and online training for new and existing customers and helping them to become subject matter experts on the Visiopharm platform through applying APP development expertise to customer specific assays. 

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