Integrated Image Analysis At Scale: Visiopharm and Proscia's Unified Solution

Until now, analysis-rich image-based research has been held back by the large disconnect between image analysis applications and the image management systems central to organizing study data.

Visiopharm and Proscia have joined forces to deliver a best-in-class, unified solution that enables life sciences organizations to streamline workflows and accelerate breakthroughs by better leveraging computational image data in research and discovery.

During this webinar, Ben Freiberg, Visiopharm's VP, Research Product, and Ashley Murgatroyd, Proscia's Director of Product, will explore how integrating Visiopharm’s VIS image analysis (IA) suite into Proscia’s Concentriq image management platform creates a connected digital ecosystem that eliminates data silos and facilitates the introduction of analysis results into routine research.

Join us to learn how you can:

  • Break down silos between image management and IA applications to increase efficiency
  • Better incorporate IA into the rest of image management with robust global search, flexible project-level permissions, and project templates
  • Search IA results alongside other related image metadata and complementary files managed by Concentriq
  • Stream images from Concentriq right into Visiopharm to eliminate duplicate storage


This webinar was presented live on Tuesday, April 14, 2020.