Integrate Machine Learning and Deep Learning APPs into Modular Workflows


About the webinar

Just like a recipe, every image analysis workflow is made up of steps. By solving one problem at a time, workflows become more manageable and get you to your result quicker. During this Webinar, image analysis expert Dave Mason will guide you through building an image analysis workflow using Visiopharm's fully customizable modular APPs including AI Deep Learning solutions.

This flexibility offered by this method pays dividends allowing you to:

Easily modify parts of an existing workflow

Reuse frequently-needed analysis components such as tissue and cell detectors

Quality control workflows by stepping through each stage individually

Replace existing machine learning APPs with cutting-edge AI Deep Learning APPs

...and many more

Meet the Host

Dave Mason, PhD

Technical Specialist in Analysis

Dave Mason is a Technical Specialist in Image Analysis supporting Visiopharm’s UK and European Sales team. Trained as a Cell Biologist and Microbiologist he has spent over a decade in Academia specializing in Light Microscopy and Digital Image Analysis.