Segmentation and colocalization in multiplexed images – showcase of a robust analysis method using deep learning


About the webinar

Do you wonder what the most robust method for segmenting cells and identifying expression in fluorescent imaging is?

Explore how our expert Michael Persch designs deep learning strategies to streamline this process and easily denote expression and colocalization.

Discover how AI supports your analysis of multiplexed images.

Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated all products are Research Use Only, not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Join Michael’s use case presentation and learn more about:

The perfect interaction of multiple AI-based APPs

The sequential application “change by intensity” to classify antibody expression

The exploration of proximity outputs

The simple analysis of colocalization in complex IF images

Meet the host

Michael Persch

Professional Services Specialist

Michael's primary responsibilities include on-site and online training for new and existing customers. He helps them become subject matter experts on the Visiopharm platform by applying APP development expertise to customer-specific assays.