Train a deep learning classifier

An expert coaching session


About the webinar

Wondering where to start when it comes to training a deep learning classifier?

Generating a suitable training set of images with accurate ground truth annotations is the most time-consuming aspect of training a deep learning classifier. In addition, generating metrics for staining performance is often needed to provide confidence in new deep learning methods.

Join Robert Brockett in this webinar where he focuses on strategies to efficiently generate accurate training data and produce quality control metrics for your deep learning classifiers.

Topics that will be covered:

Methods for generating ground truth annotations

Tips for efficiently training deep neural networks

Calculating performance metrics within VIS

Meet the Host

Robert Brockett, MS, HTL (ASCP)

Technical Sales Specialist

Robert Brockett is a Technical Sales Specialist for Visiopharm assisting customers in the Western United States. He holds a M.S. degree in Clinical & Translational Research from George Washington University, obtained his B.S. degree in Molecular Biology from California State University San Marcos, and is a certified histotechnologist through the American Society of Clinical Pathology.

Rob has been with Visiopharm since early 2018. Rob’s direct experience developing immunohistochemistry assays and image analysis strategies allow him to support the integration of Visiopharm software in a multitude of workflows.