Making sense out of multiplex

When and how to use the Phenotyping module


About the webinar

The Tumor Microenvironment (TME) is a highly complex niche, with many different cell types characterized by a range of biomarkers. Clever staining protocols like Cycle Immunofluorescence, and advanced imaging techniques such as Imaging Mass Cytometry can be used to probe these and other microenvironments in high detail. Although these techniques can acquire data in 30-100 channels, the analysis of these high-plex datasets still represents a considerable challenge.

In this webinar, Technical Specialist Dave Mason, will introduce the Visiopharm approach for the easy-to-use, automated, unbiased classification of high-plex data.

In this webinar we will cover

The types of data you might encounter

Using machine learning and AI Deep Learning for robust cell detection - Easy multiplexing with the click of a button

Built-in plotting tools for exploratory analysis

Meet the Host

Dave Mason, PhD

Technical Specialist in Analysis

Dave Mason is a Technical Specialist in Image Analysis supporting Visiopharm’s UK and European Sales team. Trained as a Cell Biologist and Microbiologist he has spent over a decade in Academia specializing in Light Microscopy and Digital Image Analysis.