Expert guidance for patient treatment in breast cancer

Accurate assessment with superior image analysis tools for whole slide imaging

Successful cancer treatment begins with an accurate pathology diagnosis, but the complexity of tumors can make diagnosis challenging. This necessitates a need for accurate quantitative assessment of whole slide imaging. Visiopharm addresses complex cancer questions and therefore provides expert guidance for treating patients.

CE-IVD image analysis for reliable and actionable results 

Visiopharm offers the most comprehensive suite of CE-IVD APPS for automated image analysis to help you to process and analyze whole slide images. Visiopharm's advanced image analysis algorithms in the hands of experience pathologists lead to reliable and actionable results.


Automating clinical assessment with Visiopharm's Analysis Protocol Packages (APPs)

Visiopharm Diagnostic CE-IVD APPs

  • Invasive Tumor Detection supports the quantification of breast cancer biomarkers by eliminating non-invasive areas, allowing the following analysis to focus only with invasive areas. 
  • Hotspot identifies hotspots based on identified positive and negative nuclei. 
  • PCK VDS, Tumor Detection identifies tumor regions on Cytokeratin stained slides and outlines the tumor region, utilized for following quantification of biomarkers within the tumor areas.
  • HER2, Breast Cancer determines the HER2 score based on membrane connectivity in breast cancer tissue sections. 
  • ER APP, Breast Cancer determines ER positivity and calculates a varyity of scores 
  • PR Breast Cancer determines PR positivity and negativity in tumors
  • Ki-67 APP, Breast Cancer assesses tumors by determining proliferative index (Ki-67 percentage)

Translational APPs

  • IHC Tumor Detection, AI utilizes AI Deep Learning to automatically identify and clearly outline tumor regions in slides stained with ER, PR, and Ki-67.
  • H&E Metastasis Detection, AI utilizes AI Deep Learning to automatically detect micro- and macro-metastasis in lymph nodes, stained with H&E.

Since 2006 Visiopharm has implemented diagnostic digital pathology solutions in most pathology labs in Scandinavia. We have accumulated valuable insight to help you navigate your diagnostic journey.

Read the case study from one of the largest hospitals in Denmark Herlev University Hospital, additionally you can access the case from Aarhus University Hospital or read the LinkedIn article from Aalborg University Hospital selecting Visiopharm for cancer diagnostics. 


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We have the expert knowledge on acquisition of the right whole slide scanner hardware, smooth integration to LIS/LIMS, PACS and IMS, the right professional data management set-up and of course at the core, the interpretation of image analysis support for accurate and efficient diagnostic outcome. 

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